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Gr8Taste is South Florida's Premier Provider of Bottle-Less Water Purification.

About Gr8Taste

Gr8TASTE is South Florida's Leading Provider of Bottle-less Drinking Water Systems. Gr8TASTE offers 'Bottle-LESS' Water Coolers that convert tap water into the highest quality, Hot and Cold purified water using the latest advancements in water purification technology. Our customers enjoy an endless supply of freshly filtered, purified water without the hassles, high costs and health issues associated with traditional bottled water.


We have an impeccable reputation for providing world class service and support, serving businesses from Palm Beach to South Beach.

Bottle-LESS Benefits:

  • Significant Cost Savings!

  • No More Lifting, Storing or Replacing Plastic Bottles!

  • Healthier, Safer and More Sanitary!

  • Unlimited Supply of Water - Never run out of Freshly Filtered Drinking Water!

  • Fresh Hot and Cold Drinking Water-On Demand!

  • No More pick up or delivery hassles!

  • Environmentally Friendly - Go GREEN!

Drink Cleaner, Healthier Purified Water.

Save up to 80% on Your Monthly H20 Bills!

  • Save Money! Low, Fixed Monthly Plans.
  • Never Buy, Lift, Store Or Replace Bottles Again.
  • Never run out of water ever again.
  • All Maintenance Included.
  • 9 Stage Ultra Filtration System.

As seen in the following publications:

"Our water machines convert existing tap water into the highest quality hot and cold purified water, instantly. Gr8Taste installs and provides Bottle-LESS water cooler service to businesses, homes and offices, serving many marquee clients including, Fontainebleau Resort, Loews Miami Beach, Hilton, Four Seasons, Hampton Inn, Marriott and Law and Medical Offices. By helping people and businesses eliminate the need for plastic water bottles, we're making both a positive impact on the environment and significantly reducing costs and waste... Everybody Wins," said the owner of Gr8Taste Water.

"Gr8Taste has an enviable list of clients across South Florida."


“We gave them an opportunity and they have exceeded everyone's expectations. Service is off the charts."

Leo Carrillo, VP of Facilities, Fontainebleau | Miami Beach

“Gr8Taste bottle-less water coolers have helped to reduce plastic waste and the need for plastic water bottles, which reinforces our eco-friendly initiatives."

Phil Goldfarb, President/COO, Fontainebleau | Miami Beach

“I have had the pleasure of having Gr8Taste water systems at Boca West Country Club for years. We have systems in all office areas and in the restaurant. I strongly recommend Gr8Taste to all companies that are looking to improve their current drinking water systems. Gr8Taste consistently keeps us happy and conducts regular preventative maintenance."

Matthew Linderman, CCM, Club Manager | Boca West Country Club

“I highly recommend Gr8Taste Water. Great product."

Wendy Kallergis, President & CEO, Greater Miami & The Beaches Hotel Association

Proudly serving the following:

Partners of the Florida Home Improvement Network.

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